Her·Near Repairs


These series of prints were made in response to a philosophical and psychoanalytic inquiry into subjectivity, the unconscious, and mental health. The compositions are comprised of reproductions of x-rays, and diagrams/visualizations of abstract concepts. As a diagnostic tool, psychoanalysis shares an affinity with the clinician’s scrutiny of the x-ray, in looking both through and beneath surfaces and appearances, and towards underlying structures. This affinity also extends to (and corresponds with) the examination of blueprints, schematics and diagrams in the worlds of technology, engineering and architecture. The differential gear assembly (the cog in cogito ergo sum) is intended to serve as a metaphor for the submerged machinations and inarticulate patterns of thought from which (in terms of mental health) both vicious circles and virtuous cycles may emerge.




The work above is dedicated to the memory of my uncle Ron, who like me, suffered problems with his mental health, and its title, Ex-Ray’s Specs is dedicated to the memory of Ron’s older brother and my late uncle, and talented artist, Raymond.